Friday, May 19, 2017

Nepenthes Rafflesiana

Well, this is a biiit late but hey,I gotta do it! Yesterday, I got a brand new Nepenthes Rafflesiana. It was a choice between mirabilis and rafflesiana. I chose rafflesiana. I used to have one, but I lost it. I hanged it next to my other nepenthes (Ampullaria x Globosa) on the same tree. So now, here are the pics!
One pitcher, yes! Only one pitcher! It's the only rafflesiana that had a pitcher.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

U. Calycifida "Asenath Waite" and Burmannii seeds!

This is late, but...
I recieved a U. Calycifida "Asenath Waite"! I recieved 2 plants, one bigger than the other, here is a picture:
U. Calycifida "Asenath Waite"
Beautiful, isn't it? I put it in an undrained plastic cup filled with a LFS/Perlite mix. Right now, the roots aren't at the edge yet so I can't see them. But..! It's sending up a new, baby plant/shoot! I hope it will grow and fill up the pot!

I also harvested D. Burmannii seeds! They are REALLY tiny. I sprinkled them onto a drained plastic cup filled with regular CP mix. They have yet to sprout.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

D. Burmannii!

A few days ago, I received my brand-new 3-pack of D. Burmanniis! They are all around 3 cm. The seller put them in a little container, so some dew was left (Yay!). I fed it ants for it's first day. It's doing well so far, with the largest having caught 2 gnats and 1 fly, and the smallest catching a fly. And when I say "a fly", I mean a human-regular-size fly, which is just shy of 1 cm! Amazing! I'll see how these do in the next weeks.

In another topic of Burmannii, I will soon make a timelapse of it eating an ant once I learn how to get my camera focused on this tiny part of this tiny plant.

If you would like to know, the media is full sphagnum with a little vermiculite mixed in. I'm using a coffee cup (plastic lined) for the pot. It is getting full sun. I water once it gets dry.

Ampullaria x Globosa: Update

So I was looking around my nepenthes and I saw a new basal shoot! I'm excited, as the ampullaria part of the plant does not let it make upper pitchers (It has done it once!). There are 2 tendrils that will (hopefully) grow into nice, plump, pitchers to catch more bugs. I will dip it in water every day, I have heard that this speeds up growth.

Unfortunately, though, until these new pitchers open, the plant will have to deal with no food, and food can speed up pitcher growth. How, um, ironic..?

Friday, May 13, 2016

About Me and My Growlist

Hi! My name is Saka and I live in Indonesia, I grow mainly tropical CPs, but I hope to get my first temperate plants very soon. I buy a plant every time I save up $100, finish a school test, and of course, my birthday. My growlist so far:
-Ampullaria x Globosa

-Drosera Burmannii SEED
-Drosera Capensis SEED
-Drosera Aliciaea SEED

-Utricularia Calycifida "Asenath Waite"